Scan & Labelling Solutions

Labelling Solutions:

We provide solutions for customers in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Warehouse Solutions
  • Transportation & Logistics Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Retail Solutions

Digit can supply the following:


We sell a wide range of label printers and barcode scanners. Our Printers ranges from small desktop machines of low volume printing to warehousing and industrial label printing. We also supply a range of scanners and data terminals.


We offer a wide range of labels self-adhesive labels, from blank labels to full colour printing, with options such as UV Varnishing, Laminating and Foiling. We have various options available depending on your application, from paper labels to synthetic substrates such as polypropylene, dairy-film and metallised labels.

Sticky label rolls on white background.


Did you know that you could reduce costs and increase your workers efficiency with the right scanning system?

By effectively using barcode scanners and imagers as part of your daily operations, your company will drastically improve workflow and productivity. By automating your data collection processes, human error will virtually disappear and accuracy will increase.  Your employees will also be able to scan items faster than ever.  Because your staff can complete work faster, they will be able to do more work during each shift, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

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