Omni Advanced Reports

Omni Accounts: Advanced Report Writing

Omni Accounts is not just an accounting system, it is a management information tool. The need to extract accurate and salient information in virtually any format or layout for analysis and decision making purposes is becoming increasingly more important. Omni does just that, quickly and easily… Putting you in control. Easy to use and you able to write 90% of your reports on your own. Build on an existing library of 300 standard Reports. Don’t be deceived by Omni’s ease of use, Omni is deceptively powerful.

Omni Built-In State of the Art Report Writer

* A report writer on steroids

* Very easy to use. You can write 90% of your reports on your own

* Build on an existing library of 300 standard Reports

* Create “alert” Reports

* Create custom Dashboards

* “One click” exports to 3rd party software such as Excel

Note: Some functions of Omni’s Reports Writer are optional extras on certain Omni Bundles

Drag & Drop System

Effortlessly build your unique screens and export to Excel or any other popular format INSTANTLY!

Grouping Data

Grouping your data is as simple as drag and drop!

Drag & Drop Columns

Drag & drop to move your columns around any way you want them.

Locate Source Document

“Double click” on any line to drill down to source document.

Export Spreadsheets

Omni Report Writer works together with Excel as well as any other Spread Sheet Programme so that you can import or export your data anytime you need too.

Sorting Columns

“Click” on any column to sort in ascending or descending order.

Customise Relevant Fields

Drag and drop to build your own screens (grid) by adding your own relevant fields.

Typical Applications

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports, Year End Reports, Staff Performance, Profit Margins and any other data you require to extract for your business.

Omni Auto Dashboard

Omni’s Auto dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track key data points relevant to your business. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance and can be customised to any of your requirments or speciality.

Status Reports

In any company, small or large, clear communication between employees is critical. Everyone’s working on different things, and it’s vital that you’re able to update each other on the status of your projects and Omni offers over 130 fields to choose from.

Nearly 300 Report Options

Omni has an Extensive Library of over 200 reports to choose from.

Build Specialised Reports

You can easily revolutionise how you manage your business and build your own specialised reports.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

You can even have your own dashboard written and automatically e-mailed to you daily. Create Reports; Convert Reports to a grid and export to excel; Optionally create pivot tables and graphs; Filter data to give you just what you need e.g. Sales below 10% GP.

*Requires Omni Accounts Automation Switch and Customised Reports

Easy as Dragging & Dropping

Build your Reports by dragging and dropping the fields you need.

*Some functions of Omni’s Report Writer are optional extras on certain Omni Bundles.

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