CCTV & Networking


For the business owner, a CCTV monitoring system is almost a necessity, particularly for businesses that operate throughout the night, early in the morning, or where theft is a concern. The cameras are a potential deterrent to anyone contemplating criminal activity such as armed robbery or shoplifting, and in fact have the potential to save the lives of your staff.


Digit will supply and install the highest quality CCTV systems available in South Africa, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your premises are monitored at all times, and that rapid response teams can react to any security breaches immediately.

Contact us now for more information about installing CCTV cameras on your premises. Our skilled technicians are trained to analyse your security needs and recommend the ideal equipment to secure your property.



Digit offers a high quality network cabling installation service. We specialise in structured cabling, UTP, optical fibre, voice, cabling, server rooms and wireless LAN infrastructures within corporate office and single buildings as well as non-network cabling solutions such as wireless solutions.

Your computer and network cabling systems are vital to the success of your company. Designing a network solution to suit your total communication needs is our goal. Our experience enables us to give you a complete network cabling system that fits your current needs, personnel capabilities, and accommodates future growth.

Our team is trained to perform cable network installations onsite with minimal disruption to any existing cable networks, in the greater Gauteng region. All on-site connections to an existing network infrastructure are checked, tested and the customer briefed on the critical aspects of the new network infrastructure installation.

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